BridgeCrest Medical is Addressing Todays Critical Occupational Health Issues

Ebola and other Infectious Diseases
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Fatigue management
Fatigue Management
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Case management
Case Management
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Heat stress
Heat Stress
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Fit for duty
Fit For Duty
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Drug testing
Drug Testing
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Our Platform


Mobile Hardware Platform

We tailor a smartphone/tablet paired with provided cutting edge mobile medical devices to your needs. We consult with foremost experts in mobile medical device technology to only select the highest quality devices that will be integrated with our software platform.


Cloud Service and Analytics

All health information collected on site is uploaded instantly to our HIPAA secured Cloud Service: giving you site health visibility in real-time. Advanced algorithms give you insight like never before.

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Purchase the system or learn more about our health service and how it can easily integrate and provide value to your current operations. Let one of our company founders reach out to you today.

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BridgeCrest Medical Improves Profitability

Improve Productivity

  • Reduces critical health data collection time by over 80%
  • Reduces resources required for health screenings
  • Reduces reliance on 3rd party health providers

Reduce Onsite Health Incidents

  • Real time data delivers actionable insights
  • Predictive analytics anticipates interventions
  • Aggregate data provides overall workplace health trends

Reduce Insurance Costs

  • Build a powerful insurance cost reduction business case based on:
    • Verifiable health data
    • Overall improvement in health and safety of workforce

Delivering a Total End-to End Solution


  • Mobile Health Devices
  • Wearables
  • Telemedicine
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  • Health Analytics in the Cloud
  • Preductive Alerts
  • Actionable Insights
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Improve Profitability

  • Reducing Insurance Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reducing Onsite Incidents
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This candid video demonstrates how our BridgeCrest app running on a tablet integrates wirelessly with our mobile medical devices

Thus, all information recorded by the medical devices is transferred automatically to the individual's health record on the tablet, eliminating manual entry for the highest quality data and security. The entire hardware package is comprised of the tablet and blood pressure device you see in this video and a spirometer device not pictured. These three devices provide monitoring capability for: Hearing Loss, Pulmonary Function, Blood Pressure, Drug Use/ Disease

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The Power to Act

Instantly gain insights into the health of your employees and the power to create action.

  • Liability

    The number and severity of workers compensation claims has a direct effect on how much your company pays for insurance. Limit both these facets with the BridgeCrest service.

  • Accidents

    Real time information can assist you in making sure your workplace is as safe as possible and helps reduce preventable incidents.

  • Population Health

    Access to new information recorded with mobile medical devices can empower your organization to improve the health of your employees.

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We tailor our service to directly meet your needs as an organization - offering an unparalleled customer experience.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We take great care to ensure data integrity and the privacy of your employees through multilevel encryption and privacy assurance.

  • Flexibility

    Have a special condition you care about? Our platform is flexible - we can enable the addition of new measurables with the assistance of our panel of experts.

  • MSHA and OSHA Management

    Let our service manage your compliance concerns and keep your workforce up to date with current health requirements.

  • Save Time and Money

    Conduct this health monitoring above or below ground wherever the work needs to get done without spending resources and wasting time sending people off the job site.

  • Mobility

    Our mobile tablet set up enables our system to be installed ANYWHERE!

  • Interested?

    Talk to a team member today!

  • Installation

    We provide you with all hardware and assistance necessary to get the platform ready at your location!

Industries We Serve

We can tailor our platform to any remote locale necessary.

  • Mining


    Our platform can integrate seamlessly with your MSHA governed operations.

  • Oil & Gas


    Fully able to operate at any onshore or offshore location!

  • Construction


    Ensure that baseline values for your employees are taken and limit your liability.

  • Many More


    Including Agriculture, Commercial Fishing, Military and Government.